Warehouse Property Search

Property Search and Survey Services

Searching for the best warehouse can be a daunting task especially in markets with limited availability.   DPSI offers extensive property search and evaluation services.    Our searches are confidential, comprehensive and can help ensure the best building is selected for your expansion or consolidation project.

Initiating warehouse design early in your building acquisition process helps reduce cost over runs.   The best time to contact DPSI is before you engage a real estate brokerage.    Our goal is to make your move or expansion seamless and cost effective.      

New building codes have been adopted over the past few years that require tenants and owners to closely review existing and new building slabs, fire protection and energy efficiency compliance.

Choosing a property acquisition and design team that can help ensure your new building will comply with codes will reap great dividends.

Carolina Pines

Engaging DPSI early in your building selection or warehouse optimization project can help facilitate proper building size, code adherence and streamline the acquisition and warehouse improvement process.

After design is completed and budgets are approved, we stay with your project by assisting with implementation of your after shell tenant improvements, permitting and installation.   Having a single point of contact for your go-live helps reduce the demands of your internal management personnel.

The best time to engage DPSI, is before your building has been selected to ensure that the facility will meet or exceed your storage and throughput needs!

Our job is to take on the after shell project management so you can keep your business up and running!