Warehouse Optimization

Enhance Space and Productivity

Optimization and automation of a existing warehouse can greatly benefit existing operations, by saving space, reducing picking errors, improving ergonomics, enhancing flexibility and helping with employee morale and retention.

Often, older warehouses are in great need of re-slotting or re-profiling, meaning that when the facility was first designed or built, product was placed based upon product velocity and storage systems were designed for that current time in history.   As SKU growth has continued and more each and specialized picking is demanded, many storage areas are either in-correctly sized or products are placed in undesirable locations within the facility.

DPSI specializes in provide on-site operational enhancements to existing facilities.   We provide a wide array of services to ensure that proper up front planning leads to a successful implementation:

  • AutoCad Development
  • 3D Slotting
  • Before-and-After Space Plan
  • Optimization Budget ROI
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Ergonomic and OSHA Review
  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Signs and Labeling
  • Storage Equipment Reset
  • WMS System Enhancements


3D Product Placement

slotting analysis

At DPSI, we utilize 3D Slotting software to simulate a model of your existing warehouse layout, and use those parameters to accurately choose the most safe and efficient slotting system for all existing products and inventory.

This digitized method helps to reduce the chances of future injuries and damages.

Project Management

Image of laptop, architectural tools and blueprints

DPSI specializes in projects that include existing working operations. Making changes or optimizing existing storage systems requires excellent project management and in-house installation capability.

Communications from clients, to project management and then through to installation personnel is critical to on time and on budget installations.

Warehouse Management System

Recent technology advancements in cloud computing technology is making cloud based WMS systems the wave of the future.

Any device, anywhere, anytime technology is providing warehouse operators with incredible productivity reporting tools and creating a seamless interface between legacy accounting systems and the warehouse floor.

Labeling and Signage

Location Labeling & Signage

We provide unique labeling and signage installation services that are tailored specifically to your warehouse management systems and layout.

A methodical and organized label system can greatly improve overall accuracy, reduce picking error, travel time, and boost operational efficiency.

DPSI provides complete analysis, design and installation of your location signage or labeling project.

Warehouse Reconfigurations

Video thumbnail for wistia video Warehouse Reconfiguration Services - Distribution Property Solutions

Moving existing location levels or relocating storage systems within an existing warehouse is a challenge. Our team has the ability to move existing racking while product is loaded.

This service allows clients to make rack moves without the added expense of moving all product out of the racking systems.

Ask about our Very Narrow Aisle Conversion Program.