Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Effective Warehouse Logistics

Avectous Integrated Software

In today’s overcrowded systems market, it can be difficult to find a warehouse management system (WMS) that does it all.  Avectous Integrated Software, a cloud-based software application can transform your complex warehouse and selling challenges into competitive advantages.

Avectous ia a web-based software application that is able to handle the most complex warehousing processes including: e-commerce, 3PL solutions, kitting, value added services, special packaging, and cross-docking.     Go live fast and affordably!

Avectous’s rapidly scalable software allows all of your operations divisions to work together in “real-time” to achieve overall optimization and growth for your company, by providing sound infrastructure and solid system-processes between:

  • Sales channels
  • Order processing
  • Warehouse management
  • Accounting platforms
  • Customer service management (CRM)
  • Unlimited number of users, SKUs & shipments

Warehouse Management System

Avectous provides paperless control of multiple sales channels, orders and inventory with real-time visibility into the data needed to drive a competitive business.

In addition, Avectous is a highly configurable and cost-friendly SaaS provider of fully-integrated fulfillment technologies, that works to simplify order processing, reduce unnecessary inventory, quickly integrate new sales channels, and connect to Drop-Ship vendors.

Contact us today to learn more about how quick and seamless implementing Avectous into your existing business management system can be.

Advantages of Avectous Integrated Software


  • Real time inventory, order management & information on employee productivity
  • Powerful fulfillment management tools that integrate with CMS, OMS, shipping and all other systems
  • Automate receiving, inspection, put-away, storage, picking and shipping operations
  • Reduce training time for new employees by using RF handheld devices
  • Reduce personnel requirements by optimizing productivity of individual employees
  • Eliminate mistakes in receiving, put-away, picking and shipping
  • Accelerate time between order receipt and shipment
  • Reduce customer service issues by increasing accuracy
  • Avoid stock-outs
  • Reduce facility requirements by optimizing inventory turns
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster delivery and improving inventory availability