Labeling & Signage Services

Increase Order Accuracy

DPSI has had long-term experience in warehouse labeling and installations, allowing us to draw on years of expertise through product design to label layouts on the racks.

Each type of warehouse label is used for something specific, so we create different layout designs to help the user see the label, to read it clearly and make the bar code easy to scan by the operative and the scanner.

We provide unique labeling installation services that are tailored specifically to your warehouse management systems:

  • Warehouse labels
  • Rack & barcode labels
  • Aisle marking
  • Warehouse signage
  • Dock doors
  • Warehouse floor striping

With a budget in mind, we can assist you and determine what kind of labeling solutions will work best for your current operations and warehouse management systems.

Contact us today to learn more about our fully customized labeling and signage solutions.

Location Labeling / Signage Solutions


  • Professional rack labeling designs
  • Unique and custom-made labeling
  • Durable rack labels with High-Definition print
  • Highly trained and experienced in-house label installation team
  • Skilled with high volume of labels and tight deadlines
  • Ready to handle any kind of labels & signage materials


We handle an extensive list of labeling and signage installations:

  • Shelf labels
  • Aisle signs
  • Facility & safety signs
  • Warehouse floor striping
  • Floor marking / coating
  • Bar code labels
  • Metal labeling
  • Magnetic labeling
  • Warehouse signage
  • Dock door signs
  • Adhesive floor tape