Warehouse Aisle Requirements and Storage Capacity

Square Footage vs. Cubic Footage in Distribution

The best approach to better understand the correlation between aisles, forklifts and storage systems is to break down warehouse aisle requirements by racking systems and forklift type.

Warehouse Storage Aisles - DPSI

Racking Systems & Forklifts

Selective or Single Deep Racking – One Deep Pallet Storage
Single Deep Racking is the most widely used racking over the years. The racking system typically is installed with double rows that allow an aisle on both sides of each section so that any product can be selected from any aisle. All forklift types can be utilized for this type of storage type.

Double Deep Racking – Two Deep Pallet Warehouse Storage
Double Deep racking is installed using standard pallet racking two deep or two double back to back rows with an aisle on each side. This system reduces the amount of warehouse aisles required when compared to a single deep racking system. A double deep reach truck is typically required for this storage type.

Drive-In Racking – Six to Ten Deep Pallet Storage
Drive-in racking is used for bulk storage or items that have a maximum amount of quantity per SKU. The system requires a forklift to drive into each section and product is managed one level. Additionally, a Drive-In Racking System notably reduces the warehouse aisle requirements due to overall depth of storage. Counterbalance and Reach Trucks are the most commonly used forklifts for this storage type.

Push Back Racking – Two to Six Deep Pallet Storage
Push Back Racking is widely used for bulk storage applications where there are SKUs that can be managed by Last-In-First-Out handling and access to multiple items are required. Warehouse aisle requirements are greatly reduced due to the ability to store product very deep. All types of forklifts can be utilized depending upon the stack height.

Pallet Flow – Two to Ten Deep Pallet Storage
Pallet Flow Systems are widely used for bulk storage applications where SKUs need to be managed First-In-First-Out and access to multiple items are required. Pallet Flow Systems typically have the put away and retrieval aisles on separate sides which eliminate aisles. All types of forklifts can be utilized depending on the stack height required.

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