Truck Driver Shortage Crisis

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In recent years, the turnover rate in the industry has been at an all-time high due to driver shortage with no clear solution in sight.

Therefore, it’s important to practice carrier-friendly shipping etiquette to establish positive experiences with your drivers and maintain a long-lasting relationship.

 So, how do you establish that positive reputation and relationship with drivers?


First, make sure the distribution center is efficient, well-staffed, and gets them turned around quickly. That’s frustration-free money in their pocket.

Secondly, look at current operations and analyze where there are areas to improve the material handling procedures to get the product picked off storage media and into their trucks as efficiently as possible.

Consultants and distribution professionals can assist with this evaluation and implementation process.

Next, make sure you have staff that enjoy working with carriers and treat them as a customer. An accommodating attitude will go a long way to leaving a favorable impression.

Lastly, it’s important not to overlook the basics such as the environment. Everyone appreciates hospitable facilities such as seating area, break room, restrooms, snacks, beverages and any other accommodations that may be offered.

If carriers are provided with an overall organized pleasant experience, they will be much more inclined to meet the shipper’s expectations as well.

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