Tenant Representation

Building Search and Acquisition

Planning a building search, move, expansion, consolidation or optimization project can present a number of challenges. To mitigate drawbacks, Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) provides clients with turnkey Tenant Representation services. By implementing this approach, our teams proudly undertake the entire responsibility from building search to design and completion.

We manage all phases of the Building Search & Acquisition process:

  • Market Surveys & Building Tours
  • Requisition/Proposal Analysis
  • Preliminary Discussion with Owners
  • Property Evaluation
  • Space Planning & Test Fits
  • Financial Analysis & Cost Projections
  • Final Transaction Negotiations
  • Review and Approval
Tenant Representation

When planning a warehouse search, move, expansion, consolidation or optimization project, collaborating with a Tenant Representative firm that can turnkey your design, building acquisition and fixture implementation allows for one sole point of contact to ensure the project stays on time and on budget.

If you are looking to search and acquire a new warehouse space, contact us about our representation services, and learn how we can help manage the entire process from start to finish.