SpeedCell Storage Solutions

Reduce Travel & Picking Time

Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) offers many innovative warehouse optimization solutions for facilities of any size. SpeedCell Storage Solutions, in particular, is a dynamic high-density storage solution uniquely designed to save time, space, and money by using existing unused flue space within standard pallet racking.

SpeedCell Storage Solutions is a completely new way of looking at pallet racking and pick module space.

With SpeedCell, you can transform your warehouse, distribution center, factory, manufacturing & production areas, or back-room storage.

Even other business areas where efficient storage is needed can benefit from SpeedCell.

Custom-made, high-strength industrial textiles, or columns, won’t mold or rust and are fire/flame resistant. In addition, there are various suspension systems to choose from: Standard, Bay Depth Extender, and Double Deep.

For more information regarding SpeedCell Storage Solutions, speak with one of our in-house specialists to help you decide if this high density storage system is right for you.

SpeedCell Storage Solution Benefits

  • Multiply storage capacities up to 60%
  • Reduce travel time and reduce labor costs up to 40%
  • Get more SKUs in less space with greater picking efficiency
  • Provides 100% SKU selectively for picking & replenishment
  • Customizable for unique product specs
  • Lightweight & flexible yet sturdy and built to last
  • Higher return on investment