Roof Lifting & Raising

Transform Obsolete Ceiling Space

If you’ve been considering relocating simply because you need more space, you should first consider lifting the roof of your existing warehouse. Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) also provides industrial roof lifting and raising services for distribution facilities looking to maximize space and turn obsolete ceiling capacity into improved storage spaces.

Industrial roof lifting and raising takes an existing building with a low clearance and hydraulically raising the roof to add clear height and cubic space. Compared to conventional alternatives, such as demolition or reconstruction, this technology offers many benefits:

  • Downtown is significantly less
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Utilize the existing roof structure

During the actual raising, our certified roof lifters are able to synchronize the lifting of each point with tolerances as low as one-eighth of an inch, so that there are no stresses or damage to the existing roof structure, thus maintaining full structural integrity.

If your facility is suffering due to a lack of clear height, contact us today to discuss why industrial roof lifting is more cost-effective than rebuilding or moving your operations.

Significant Environmental Benefits

  • The original building is reused instead of being demolished
  • Faster when compared to other reconstruction methods that add cubic space
  • Maintain the building’s existing footprint while increasing its capacity
  • The expansion of a property is upward, therefore no virgin land is compromised
  • Minimum disruption to the locality during the construction process
  • 90% of existing materials are reused or recycled in the process
  • Local, state and federal programs often offer incentives to rehabilitate existing industrial structures
  • Rehabilitating older buildings may also qualify owners for tax deductions
  • Improve marketability of existing buildings