Warehouse Reconfiguration

Improve Storage Systems

Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) provides full warehouse reconfiguration services, turnkey facility slotting analysis and in-house implementation of warehouse reset work, for existing systems that are not capable of meeting modern demands.

Warehouse layouts are typically designed properly when first installed but as business demands and produce mix change, facility storage systems must be updated to ensure maximized productivity.

Because of the continual shifting supply chain landscape, many businesses are attempting to apply outdated processes and technologies to the global supply chain operation.

As time passes, original configuration for product size and SKU velocity change and create more warehouse travel and inefficiencie.   Changes can be made to improve current methods and layouts.

In many cases, your existing storage system can be reconfigured or moved to help streamline the entire operation.  Facility and storage system improvements are often some of the lowest capital costs projects in comparison to expansions, relocation or consolidations.

Reconfiguration Advantages

  • Slotting analysis and on-site warehouse improvement review
  • Experienced in working around operational environments
  • Smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations
  • Changes in beam levels and relocation of racking systems
  • Better storage and throughput for increased SKUs
  • City and Fire Permit compliance analysis and coordination