Preventative Maintenance

Avert Problems Before They Arise

In addition to providing Tenant Improvement Services, Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. also performs regular preventative maintenance to ensure that all building codes, fixtures, storage and mechanical equipment are up to date and in working condition.

DPSI serves to help new and current distribution facilities implement effective warehouse management solutions. Properly performing frequent inspections can prevent unexpected threats to daily operations before they occur, such as:

  • Abrupt Down Time
  • Equipment Damage/Failure
  • Unnecessary Repair Costs
  • Production Disruption
Tenant Improvements, warehouse wiring and cabling

In addition, scheduling regular preventative maintenance and warehouse evaluations help to streamline the entire warehouse workflow, and to ensure that all operations run as smoothly as possible.

Finally, all inspections and maintenance services are thoroughly performed by professionally bonded and insured on-site specialists – to reduce the chances of problems being overlooked and ensure clients complete accuracy.

Checklists are the key to effective preventative maintenance. Developing a series of required inspection checklists provide a sure way of maintaining all building and property fixtures.  

Some inspections should be daily, while others should be performed on a weekly to monthly basis.

The intention is to prevent future problems before they even occur. We work with our clients to help them incorporate a regular preventative maintenance program into their operations.

Maintenance & Inspection Checklist

Facility Exterior

  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
    • Ensure that exits and travel paths are clearly identifiable
    • Exits should be unlocked and fully operational
    • Evacuation diagrams should be made available throughout the facility, and updated in necessary
  • Building damage
    • Check external walls for cracks, wear & tear, or other damages
    • Visual roof inspections should be performed to ensure there are no openings, cracks, leaks or other damages that may compromise the integrity of the building
  • Exerior lights
  • Annual plumbing inspection

Facility Interior

  • Electrical systems
    • Review “lock-out” procedures
    • Ensure that electrical panels, switches and receptacles are in good condition
  • Heating systems
    • Ensure furnace/boiler rooms are secured and away from combustibles
    • Perform regular system maintenance: change & clean filer, maintain clean vents
    • Check electrical supply for damage
  • Air conditioning
    • Check pipes & lines for leakage of fluids
    • Perform regular system maintenance: maintain clean vents
    • Check electrical supply for damage
  • Facility protection
    • Sprinkler system should be tested on a quarterly basis and documented
    • Ensure sprinkler system valve is accessible
    • Ensure all operations are monitored by designated alarm company
    • Fire detection system is constantly equipped with alarm signal
    • Check that portable fire extinguishers are in designated areas, with updated tags
  • Loading dock equiment & features
  • Weatherization & insulation components
  • Interior lighting
  • Overhead doors
  • Additional building & property fixtures

Mechanical Equipment

  • Any piece of material handling equipment that helps move inventory in and out of the warehouse
  • Due to frequent usage, forklifts and other lifting equipment will have more points of inspection, and at a more frequent rate:
    • Forklifts
    • Hoists
    • Pallet jacks
    • Order picking carts
    • Hand trucks

Storage Equipment

  • By frequently inspecting storage equipment, this allows operations to actively replace outdated or deteriorating shelving choices
    • Pallet racks
    • Shelves