Automated Pallet Storage

The Fully Automated Pallet Shuttle System is a state-of-the-art robotics and warehouse control systems that manage automated put-away and retrieval of bulk stored pallets.

Pallets are loaded at floor level and then routed to the appropriate lane and retrieved automatically as needed.   The system can be configured with LIFO or FIFO storage and are excellent for cold storage, shipping buffers and manufacturing raw and finished material areas.


As manual labor becomes more scarce, supply chain operators need to find better methods of managing bulk storage items.   Packaging is becoming less dense and pallet do not always stack so well.

Implementing a Pallet Shuttle system can greatly help bridge the gap between floor stack and forward pick areas along with providing excellent storage for buffer and work in progress zone.

The Omni-Directional Pallet Shuttle system allows for both aisle and row transfer providing a cost-effective automated deep lane pallet handling solution for manufacturers and distribution companies.

Pallet Shuttle uses “Super Cap” technology which eliminates the need for battery changing or charging.