Pallet Rail Bulk Storage

FIFO Controlled Bulk Storage

Pallet Rail is an innovative rack mounted bulk storage system designed to store and retrieve pallets up to 10 units deep.

The unique system allows pallets to be stored in LIFO mode and unlike pallet flow or push-back systems, there is no need for slope or a pitch.  As pallets are indexed in and out of the Pallet Rail system, a gap is provided between each pallet to reduce the risk of crushing pallets during put away or retrieval.

Pallet Rail systems are built to last and designed for heavy duty applications, an excellent alternative to drive-in systems and can be retrofitting into existing racking systems.

The systems help provide both density and selectivity since different SKUs can be placed on different levels.  Systems can be installed up to 10 deep depending upon pallet weight.

The system allows for multiple SKUs to reside in one bay for maximum access to each product at any level from the aisle.

Pallet Rail can even be installed above floor stack locations to provide more capacity with access to separate SKUs above. The systems can store up to 10 pallets deep depending on the weight of each pallet.