Modular Warehouse Solutions

Modular Storage Systems

As the Food and Beverage Industries continue to manage the ongoing increase in demand for both fresh and frozen capacity, new technology is emerging consisting of fast track modular cold storage with high density storage systems.

An added benefit of these modular solutions is that the systems are portable and therefore considered a fixture within a building.

Modular Warehouse Solutions

Because of this, they can be leased and depreciated as equipment. Why tie up capital or bank lines when a 36-84 month operating lease can be negotiated? With interest rates low & accelerated depreciation still in effect, there’s never been a better time for a modular approach.

Modular cold storage systems can also be integrated into a Warehouse Roof Lift. The tradition real estate mantra of “location, location, location” also holds true in warehousing: proximity to supply chains, ports and/or customer base is key to reducing transportation costs. Often, warehouse facilities are overlooked not due to location, but because of clear height.

Integration of roof lifting and modular cold storage can convert an obsolete building into a highly productive and cost saving space.

“Think Inside the Box.”