Modular Craft Room Solutions for Your Warehouse

Running Out of Craft Room Space Increases Labor Costs & Reduces Customer Service Levels. How Can Beer Distributors Add Cold Storage Space Quickly and Affordably?

As colder 34-40 degree temperatures areas are needed for Craft and Keg storage, Beer Distributors are challenged with quickly expanding current capacities in a cost-effective manner. Existing facilities are struggling with enough footprint to expand outside the building, so there must be a method of utilizing existing capacities to rapidly deploy cold space within the operation.

Since bulk beer in 60 degree space is opening up due to lower traditional brand sales, these areas are excellent for providing instant cold rooms by installing modular insulated walls.

Insulated walls are custom-fit into existing roof structures and can include high speed doors for optimum productivity. The lead time on insulated walls is fast and deployment is typically priced at a lower cost than fixed walls. The flexibility of walls allows for seasonal adjustments or temporary space until an expansion is completed.

Modular Courtins

Double Capacity of Craft Rooms by Eliminating Forklift Aisles and Installing GlideRack Mobile Racking Systems.

As more craft SKUs continue to fill up cold room storage, the need for more space and slow-moving storage slots continue to challenge beverage distributors.

Mobile Storage Systems eliminate the need for multiple travel aisles and increase capacity of the cold rooms by up to 100%. The systems include extensive safety features and aisles move at the push of a button.

Keg Flow, Case Flow and Static Rack systems can be added onto mobile bases to provide a wide variety of storage and pick slots. Reduce construction costs by eliminating wasted dead aisle space.


Found a great building in your market at a good price but the clear height is too low? Consider an Industrial Roof Lift and NxtCold Modular Self-Contained Cooling System.

Almost any industrial roof can be lifted. The lift takes 12-16 weeks to complete from start to finish so rapid deployment of your renovated building is possible. Many jurisdictions consider a roof lift to be a remodel, so the entitlement process is much faster than new construction.


Self-Contained Modular Roof Mounted or Slab Mounted Cooling System Provides Rapid Deployment and Low Energy Costs.

NXTCOLD is a self-contained industrial refrigeration system. It utilizes ammonia, a natural refrigerant and features an ultra-low charge that can be a measured in ounces per TR (ton of refrigerant). Designed and tested in the US, the NXTCOLD system is expanding the use of self-contained packaged unit refrigeration systems for all industrial applications.


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