Deep Lane Bulk Storage Systems

Mobile Pallet Racking Systems

As more Craft SKUs continue to fill up cold room space, the need for more space and slow moving storage slots continues to challenge beverage distributors.    Adding more brick and mortar space is expensive, time consuming and at times not possible due to physical constraints.

GlideRack Mobile Storage Systems eliminate the need for multiple travel aisles and greatly increase storage capacity of cold rooms.  The systems include extensive safety features and aisles move at the push of a button.

  • Eliminate Storage Aisles
  • Reduce Forklift Travel
  • Maximum Selectivity
  • Perfect for Cold Storage
  • Reduces Expansion Costs
  • Aisles are Adjustable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Extensive Safety Sensors
  • Effective in Seismic Zones
  • New or Existing Areas

As cold rooms, point of sale areas and general storage areas fill up due to more SKUs and the need for dedicated pick lines increase, mobile rack systems can enhance these areas.

GlideRack Storage Systems can be implemented quickly and utilized in existing or new space.    Eliminate the need for expansions projects and eliminate wasted aisle space.

Reach out for a no obligation on-site survey to discuss your space management needs.  Our design team specializes in “Think Inside the Box” do more with less strategies.