Loading Dock Equipment

Improve Loading Zone Safety

Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) strongly supports the safety and well-being of all workers, by delivering endless loading dock equipment solutions made to protect all personnel from accidental danger, risk, or injury. 

Our qualified specialists will also conduct thorough on-site facility evaluations, and provide you with the necessary information needed to assess your available options.

We offer standard & custom loading dock equipment systems for distribution facilities that serve to improve the overall safety and loading process:

  • Levelers
  • Truck Restraints
  • Dock Lifts
  • Dock Seals & Shelters
  • Additional Loading Dock Equipment
  • Loading Dock Accessories
Tenant Improvements, warehouse wiring and cabling

Ultimately, our primary responsibility is to help you determine the most cost-effective applications your facility will benefit most from.

Our collaborative network force will always work with you to find the most appropriate dock equipment solutions that will best meet your needs, and help you implement them into your warehouse operation.

Equipment Features


To determine what kind of leveler will best suit your operations, you must consider:

  • Frequency of use
  • Maintenance availability
  • Budget constraints
  • Leveler capacity
    • Leveler capacity can be calculated by combining the weight of your fork (including batteries and attachments) to the total weight of the freight being carried
    • Also consider: frequency of loads, load size, dock height

Truck Restraints

  • Vehicle restraints can play an imperative role in protecting your workers, by preventing trucks from accidentally leaving the docks while loading and unloading is still in process.
  • Restraints lock trailers into place at the loading dock, and improve the entire loading process by diminishing injury costs and creating a better workflow environment.
  • They also serve as a communication device during the loading and unloading process to the truck driver as well as prevent trucks from leaving prematurely.

Dock Lifts

  • Eliminate danger and space requirements associated with a ramp
  • Improve safety by eliminating manual handling
  • Available in numerous size & lifting capacities to fit all loading dock applications; with standard capacities ranging from 3,000-40,000 lb.
    • Low-profile dock lifts
    • High capacity dock lifts
    • Custom dock lifts

Dock Seals & Shelters

  • Dock seals and shelters are designed to close and protect the gap between the dock door opening and truck trailer
  • In addition, dock seals and shelters enhance loading efficiency by reducing costs and down time, as well as improving safety and security and protecting merchandise.

Dock Seals

  • Offer air inflatable and vinyl covered compression foam padding systems which line the edge of a loading dock door
  • Help maintain regulated cold-storage operations by preventing environmental variables, such as: energy loss, insects and rodents, wind and rain penetration

Dock Shelters

  • Unlike dock seals, dock shelters act as universal curtain-style structures that protect the area between the building and truck trailer from external variables.
  • Dock shelters are most ideal for operations that must accommodate a variety of trucks and sizes.Dock seals and shelters cannot be used simultaneously
  • Although dock shelters are not as protective as dock seals, they still allow safe but less restrictive loading and unloading processes.

Additional Loading Dock Equipment

  • Bascule Bridges
  • Dock Plates & Boards
  • Safety Barriers
  • Guard Rails
  • Overhead Clearance Bars

Loading Dock Accessories

  • Dock Bumpers
  • LED Dock Lights
  • Loading Dock Guide Lights
  • Loading Dock Weather Seals
  • Strip Door Hardware
  • Wheel Clocks
  • Corner & Wall Protectors