How Your Warehouse Layout Determines Your Productivity

A poorly designed warehouse layout has more of an impact on your operations than you may think.

In fact, the main challenges that come with a bad layout include: space utilization, inventory inaccuracy and improper slotting.

Space Utilization

It’s not always about how much space you have – it’s about efficiently utilizing the existing footprint and cubic capacity to reduce unnecessary labor and travel time.

Example: Keep fast-moving and high-selling inventory near the front of the facility to reduce traveling to the farthest reaches of the warehouse


Inventory Accuracy

Inventory accuracy is one of the major performance factors in any warehouse or distribution center, and when manufacturers don’t have full visibility to their inventory, out-of-stock items and unfulfilled orders cause profit loss.

 So, how do you establish that positive reputation and relationship with drivers?


First, make sure the distribution center is efficient, well-staffed, and gets them turned around quickly. That’s frustration-free money in their pocket.

Secondly, look at current operations and analyze where there are areas to improve the material handling procedures to get the product picked off storage media and into their trucks as efficiently as possible.

Consultants and distribution professionals can assist with this evaluation and implementation process.

Although re-evaluating your warehouse layout regularly can require some extra time and work, the time and labor actually saved will soon pay for themselves in optimized efficiency and productivity.

Proper planning for a facility makes a huge difference in reducing operating costs across the board.

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