Glide Rack Mobile Storage

Eliminate Forklift Travel Aisles

GlideRack Mobile Storage Systems can be integrated with AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) for a high cube fully automated storage solution.  The systems can be installed in Seismic areas and WI-FI connected to AGVs or remote controls via forklifts to eliminate aisles and reduce labor.

The best applications for GlideRack are cold storage, small parts, work in progress areas and cantilever applications.

GlideRack can be installed in seismic areas and typically better to install with a new or retrofitted floor.

The GlideRack technology has been proven for over 30 years and is highly reliable.

Specialty application such as craft beverage storage and picking is a great application for GlideRack.

The aisles can be opened during the day for replenishment and then opened during the evening shift for picking.

Excellent for high cost and high electricity costs cold storage areas.