Facility Survey Services

Your Challenges Become Our Mission

DPSI performs end to end warehouse inspections for existing facilities including seismic, fire protection, building code adherence, energy efficiency and ergonomics.    The survey is available for building owners, insurance companies, real estate companies, investors and operators.  An on-site visit can help uncover warehouse challenges and reduce risk mitigation. The best time to inspect your facility is before a seismic or human error event.

The DPSI site survey warehouse inspection and comprehensive report include:

  • Catastrophic Event Inspection
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Ergonomics and Safety
  • Fire and Seismic Review
  • Forklift Fleet Review
  • Labor Utilization
  • Lighting and Electrical
  • Space Utilization
  • Storage System Anchoring

Seismic Code Review Services


DPSI is headquartered in Irvine, CA which helps our team with the expertise in evaluating existing and future storage system seismic compliance. Codes are becoming more strict than ever and what may have worked a few years ago could be obsolete.

Before considering expanding existing pallet racking or moving into existing pallet racking, a seismic analysis is suggested.

Fire Protection Inspection

On-Site Project Management

Existing operations can often be at risk due to product change or storage height increases.   DPSI provide the following turnkey fire protection analysis:

  • Commodity Evaluation
  • Fire Pressure and Density Review
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Permit Administration
  • Turnkey Project Management

Mechanical Equipment Inspection

conveyor maintenance

Evaluating existing storage systems, forklifts and charging systems can lead to better efficiency and lower overall operating costs.

Technology today is advancing so rapidly that even equipment put into service over the past few years can seem outdated.

The DPSI Inspection team specializes in reviewing existing material handling equipment for both productivity and maintenance cost savings.

WMS Review and Reporting

Warehouse Management System

The final phase for any site survey is to evaluate the Warehouse Management System.     Typically, these systems are legacy and ERP driven and can be drives workflows.   Making sure the best technology is in place is critical to overall warehouse productivity.

Our team evaluates the current condition of the Warehouse Management System for upgrades, enhancements or cloud based bolt on interfaces.

Today’s WMS systems are Cloud Based and Flexible.