Dual Flow Storage System

Maximize Floor Space and Productivity

Dual Flow Storage uses a combination of floor stack and full roller pallet flow overhead to provide maximum capacity for floor stack and more SKUs above. The systems can be configured in FIFO or LIFO modes.    The heavy duty full roller steel pallet flow allows for various sized pallets and consistent flow.

Systems are excellent for bulk storage applications where pallets stacking is limited and more SKUs are needed in storage areas.

Dual Flow systems can be integrated into existing drive-in rack systems.    The systems are heavy duty and designed for impact.  The full roller pallet flow rollers are sealed bearings and in the LIFO mode, forklifts control pallet speed.   In FIFO mode, speed controllers are added in.

By using double wide forklift attachments versus single, bulk storage operations can increase productivity by over 200%.     Faster moving products can be stored two or three high on the floor and different SKUs can be placed in double or single lanes above.

A comparison between drive-in and dual flow is depicted in this helpful and revealing video.