Broker Services

After Shell Tenant Services

Distribution Property Solutions Inc. (DPSI) provides broker services for industrial and commercial real estate brokers all over the country.  Years of warehouse design and manufacturing experience allows us to help brokers determine the best commercial property or building for clients’ current and future operations.

We team up with brokers to add value for their clients by providing services such as: 

Industrial Broker Services

Identifying specific warehouse and code adherence requirements early in the building acquisition process is critical to ensuring your clients achieve the best use of cubic space and labor utilization. Our broker services ultimately help save unknown costs and additional project delays.

Leverage our 100+ years of warehouse and manufacturing experience to help your clients become and stay optimized. 

High Density Parking

Many industrial, office and multi-tenant projects require extensive parking capacity. High Density Parking systems can be specified for projects to parking conforms to per user requirements.

High parking can be as simple as manual two high systems to elaborate fully automated parking systems. In some cases, parking structures can be completely eliminated or replaced by high density multi level systems.

Pallet Shuttle Automation

High Density Storage

As labor costs and availability continues to challenge distribution and manufacturing environments, automated pallet storage and retrieval systems are gaining traction in the market. Pallet Shuttle systems can eliminate forklift equipment and operators for redundant tasks.

Pallet Shuttle systems are a proven technology and can be installed as a fully automated rack supported building. These systems are cost effective and can depreciated as equipment.

Facility Sizing & Acquisition

A warehouse facility lease or design build facility should always be viewed from the inside out, to assure that building ceiling height, columns, fire protection, dock doors and overall square footage comply with design requirements.

After the design process, we can provide turnkey manufacturer direct project implementation.  The best time to get DPSI involved is prior to your client finalizing their building lease or purchase.

High Density Storage

Rack-supported automation has enabled us to create a unique self-storage option. Using racking and automation technology, we can safely place and retrieve individual storage units in the facility so customers can be assured their belongings are safe and sound. 

These systems are also very convenient. Customers don’t have to use elevators or wander down aisles – their storage unit is brought directly to them.