Warehouse Brand Growth Solutions

Warehouse Brand Growth Solutions

By using a combination of Keg Flow, Case Flow and Selective rack, wholesalers can consolidate their slow moving kegs and cases. Consider how much cubic space one pallet, one keg or a single layered pallet takes up in floor space. Using a dedicated pick area for slower movers with the ability to store back stock over the pick slot will greatly enhance storage capacity, inventory management, increase productivity and reduce errors.

Manage Warehouse Brand and SKU Growth with Distribution Property Solutions

Keg Storage Systems using keg flow and pallet flow are proving to be an excellent method for gaining space and selectivity in keg rooms. There are many systems on the market today, including rack systems that are designed to lay the 1/6 barrel kegs sideways. These systems are reasonably priced, but require the warehouse personnel to rotate each keg and roll it into a lane which creates excessive back and hip movement for warehouse personnel.

keg Flow Rack System

Keg Ergonomics:
The roller style keg flow is a better solution since kegs can be handled naturally by the handles. There are both light and heavy duty style systems. The lighter duty systems include a sheet metal divider per lane with roll formed steel beams that are easily damaged. The heavy duty systems use a structural steel front and rear beam with the roller channel separating the kegs.
Case flow systems are a popular solution for slow moving case handling. Many wholesalers have used the individual pencil type rollers with one case loaded per lane. These systems work well for uniform case sizes, however the multitude of brands requires maximum case size flexibility.

The optimum solution is to use poly wheel full skate wheel beds on 2 inch centers. This design requires less pitch, flows much better and provides for any size case to flow. A slow down plate is provided per roller bed to ensure a smooth landing and allows for picking individual items for wine and spirit operations.

Selective racking is an excellent solution for providing a pick slot on the floor with 2-3 pallets of back stock above. Selective rack can be included in the pick line or used up against a wall for slowing moving items.

The upcoming storage trend for slow moving pick areas, POS and Keg rooms is to incorporate mobile racking. These system have been in use for decades throughout the world and are relatively new to the U.S. beverage industry. Mobile rack systems eliminate the need for static aisles at every opening.

Metal Long Form Storage:
The systems are ideal for keg rooms, wine storage, slow moving pick areas and point of sale storage areas. Each aisle is opened either remotely or manually by an operator and typically take less than a minute to open. The systems are robust, highly durable and include extensive safety features.

The best approach to solving warehouse brand growth challenges in warehousing is to work toward better management of slow moving items. DPSI helps with warehouse design, high quality storage equipment and turnkey project management including installation. There are many choices for vendor selection and working with a company that specializes in beverage applications will help reduce the overall learning curve and help expedite your warehouse improvement project.

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