Beverage Warehouse Design

Optimize Your Work Flow

The beverage industry has struggled through extensive craft brand growth the past few years especially in city center and resort markets.   As the fall season arrives, this is the best time to review optimizing your facility.   The DPSI engineering team provides on site field measuring and AutoCad layouts that can be used to evaluate layout options, product placement and review future expansion needs.    This service is affordable and can be often rebated back to your optimization project costs.

If an expansion is on the horizon, engaging the design process from the “inside out” is much better than building a shell and forcing your storage system within those parameters.

Conventional storage rack pick lines are becoming very common in beverage distribution operations.

Qualified and reliable warehouse labor is more difficult to fine these days, so attention to productivity and safety is critical to reducing cost and maintaining customer service.

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Warehouse Design Services

Insurance carriers and OSHA are continuing to scrutinize heavy lifting especially for half barrel kegs that require each picking.

DPSI provides keg room space analysis, pick line development and ergonomic design enhancements.

Providing a safer work environment for employees and co-workers is excellent for productivity and morale.

Engaging DPSI early in your building selection phase can help facilitate proper building size, code adherence and streamline the acquisition process.

Our goal it to relieve your team from the daily details of an expansion or optimization project so you can keep the beverages flowing to your customers.