Beverage Solutions

Brand Management Systems

The beverage industry has changed significantly over the past 15 years.  Today’s beverage distributor has faced incredible brand growth with consumers driving consumption of specialty brews especially in the craft space.  Successful wholesalers need to be flexible and efficient to keep up with current industry demands.

The days of managing 200 – 300 brands from floor stacking are long gone.

Current consumers are demanding a wide variety of craft and specialty beverages and seek distributors that can meet this demand.

As more items are introduced into the warehouse, the floors quickly fill up and create honeycombing and non-productive storage.

Beverage Storage Systems Case

The DPSI Design and Project Implementation team helps beverage distributors manage floor space and consolidate slow moving items, in order to make the most use of current capacities and increase productivity.

Ask about our turnkey warehouse optimization survey.   A on-site survey can help review current warehouse flow for potential improvement.    Our initial survey is provided at no obligation.

Ergonomic Keg Picking

Half Barrel hand picking has become more common in keg rooms.    According to OSHA, lifting a 167# half barrel requires two people.

Keg rooms are the most hazardous work areas in beverage operations, so having a better and more ergonomic solution to handling half barrels helps beer distributors reduce injuries and lower insurance premiums.

Keg Storage Systems

Keg flow, pallet flow and static rack all their place today in keg rooms.   Getting slow moving pallets off the floor and using cubic overhead space is the best method to control inventory and provide a better put away and picking environment in challenging keg room operations.

DPSI keg storage systems have been design for heavy duty applications and built to last.

Case Flow Storage

Package beer item growth continue to fill up pick line floor space.   Putting the slowest movers in case flow helps consolidate these items while still maintaining date code compliance.

Case flow free up floor space, provides better inventory management and increases picking productivity.

Mobile Storage Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking is an excellent solution for Craft Beer Rooms, Point of Sale areas and record storage areas.

GlideRack mobile rack eliminates travel aisles and maximizes floor space in areas where an expansion is not an option.

Mobile racking systems can be installed in existing areas or new construction.