Automated Storage Systems

Maximize Storage and Throughput

DPSI provides turnkey end-to-end Design Build Services of Automated High Density Storage systems. By effectively using cubic space combined with less static aisles, manufacturing and distribution companies can “Do More In Less Space”.

Pallet Shuttle and GlideRack systems combined with Push Back, Pallet Flow and Case Flow systems provide excellent storage space utilization and improve overall productivity.

The DPSI team of in-house design professionals provide a wide variety of creative storage solutions to common square footage space shortages.

We review existing and future needs for each facility based upon order and inventory history and develop the best turnkey solution for your challenge.



Deep Lane Bulk Storage Systems

Pallet Shuttle Deep Lane Storage Systems provide semi- and fully-automated bulk storage. The systems are reliable, durable, programmable and an excellent alternative to drive-in, pallet flow and pushback storage racking.

The fully automated systems eliminate the need for manual forklift operations.

Deep Lane Bulk Storage Systems

Mobile Storage Systems

Mobile Storage Systems

GlideRack mobile racking systems provide maximum density of high density storage systems in cold storage, craft beverage and manufacturing environments.

GlideRack mobile systems eliminate aisles increase storage capacity and be implemented in seismic zones.