3D Slotting & Product Placement

Reduce Travel and Improve Flow

As warehouse operations become more complex and SKU proliferation increases, proper product placement in a facility is key to reducing warehouse personnel travel.    Many warehouse managers struggle to keep their facility properly slotted due to the daily demands of in-bound and out-bound work.

DPSI specializes in providing on-site field measuring, detailed before and after layouts, AutoCad development, warehouse flow concepts and 3D Product Slotting Analysis.  This combined effort can greatly improve your overall warehouse work flow, reduce travel and improve order accuracy for maximum customer service.

Benefits of 3D Slotting:

  • Optimized slotting plans
  • Capacity analysis
  • Space and layout planning
  • Equipment Budget Analysis
  • Benefit analysis
  • Bench-marking
  • Long term slotting maintenance
  • What/If scenarios
  • Expansion Plan Analysis

Warehouse Slotting carefully considers the locations, opening dimensions, weight limitations (by level), product grouping, item slotting unit dimensions & weight, item picking unit dimensions & weight, among other factors, to correctly profile and sequence items down the pick path.

When products are properly slotted, heavier items are placed in the areas where they are easiest to pick, reducing the risk of injury and product damage.

Correct product placement for all inventory can significantly boost streamlined warehouse workflow, reduce overall operational costs and greatly improve warehouse worker morale.

Contact us to schedule a no obligation On-site Survey so we can help you determine the best slotting solution for your current and future operations.