Warehouse Design Services

Converting Vision to Reality

At DPSI, we provide a variety of warehouse design services through digital simulation models which help facilitate accurate design, layout, and optimization of your warehouse operations. Constructing and fitting out a modern warehouse with all its required equipment and tools requires significant capital expenditure, expertise and experience.

Initiating warehouse design early in your building acquisition process helps reduce cost over runs and ensures that Tenant Improvements meet ever changing building codes.

There are several basic principles that apply to warehouse layout design and running an effective distribution center operation.

The early warehouse planning and design stage is key.

Errors and Omissions in planning and layout can decrease warehouse utilization and performance while increasing operational costs.

Layout & Design

Reviewing conventional and automated options in the warehouse design process combined with High Density Storage Systems can help reduce the overall footprint of a facility and reduce travel and labor costs.

Engaging DPSI early in your building selection phase can help facilitate proper building size, code adherence and help streamline the acquisition process.

After design, we stay with your project by assisting with implementation of your Tenant Improvement sourcing, permitting and installation.  Having a single point of contact for your move-in helps reduce the demands of internal management.   Our goal it to relieve your team from project management so you can keep your business up and running!