Relocation & Consolidations

Finding the Right Fit for Your Operations

The relocation or consolidation of manufacturing facilities often stem from a company’s desire to expand its existing business, improve existing operations, and/or reduce operating costs.

In an ever changing business environment, your current distribution capacity may not meet your demands.

However, moving a warehouse in its entirety can prove to be a challenging task – especially when managing multiple tasks in order to avoid interruptions of daily operations.

DPSI specializes in turnkey warehouse relocation and consolidation services, with a team of highly trained in-house relocation professionals who value efficiency and punctuality.


In addition, we provide existing storage system liquidation and guarantee that operating environments will experience minimal impacts during the relocation process.

Call us for a budget quote, and let us help you determine the best fit for your current operations and manage the transition from start to finish.

Features & Benefits

  • Turnkey relocation & consolidation consulting
  • Highly trained in-house relocation & re-installation crew
  • Existing storage system liquidation
  • Relocation code adherence assurance analysis
  • AutoCad & permit submittal drawings
  • Able to work in operating environments with minimal impact
  • Storage consolidation for effective & accurate picking

Relocation & Consolidation Services

Relocation Process
Pallet Rack Re-Installation