Keg Storage Systems

Maximum Your Cubic Space

Since 1999, Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) has been helping beverage distributors improve and innovate warehousing operations.

The beverage distribution business has changed almost overnight.  Not too long ago, draft rooms were small area of floor stacked bulk kegs easily managed by forklift.  The draft rooms today are full of craft package beer that require colder temperatures, bulk keg floor stacks and on-off specialty brands with low sales volume and small lot inventory levels.

Owners and managers are challenged to ensure that slow moving brands are accurately put away, picked and shipped while maintaining exceptional customer service.

As brand growth and SKU proliferation has continued, DPSI has listened to clients along the way and developed innovative keg room solutions.

These systems include;  heavy duty keg flow and pallet flow systems combine to maximize cubic capacity in these expensive draft room areas.

Keg Flow Storage (Keg Flow Rack)

The demand for half barrel each picking in draft rooms is increasing dramatically as more brands come on line.  OSHA rules state that half barrel picking is actually accomplished by two people.

Special ergonomic vacuum picking systems have been developed to help meet these requirements.

Ergonomic Half Barrel Picking

DPSI specializes in turnkey design of keg storage systems and keg rooms including space design and installation.   Each keg room has different challenges so having an experienced design team that can take your project from concept to completion is critical for success. Ready to have is design your keg flow rack system for your cooler? We can build it from scratch or retrofit your current storage system. Call Us or fill out the form today!


  • Organize your keg room floor
  • Increase efficiency in order picking
  • Maximize your storage in the same footprint
  • FILO / FIFO application


  • Increase order picking accuracy
  • Consolidate and maximize storage of your beer SKUs
  • Eliminating the need to build a new cooler or having to move to another location.
Keg Flow Racks / Keg Storage Systems
Keg Flow Rack System / Keg Storage System