High Cube Vehicle Storage

Maximize Parking Capacity

The Park Plus high density parking systems are perfect for adding more parking to an existing or new building.    The systems install quickly and can be implemented in manual, hybrid or fully automated modes.

As the city centers grow, parking is becoming more challenging than ever.   DPSI assists will design, budget pricing and turnkey implementation of Park Plus systems.

The mechanically operated Double Parking Stacker is a two (2) level vehicle lift for storing cars vertically.    The Park Plus mechanical system lifts vehicles on cantilevered platforms between shared common legs.

The systems are robust, flexible and include unique safety features.   The unique design eliminate all chains or cables.

Two Story Outdoor Mechanical Stacker – Venice Beach, CA

The Lift Sliding Parking System is a multi-level customizable solution for storing cars in vertical and horizontal arrays.

The hybrid stacking system consists of a self-supporting structural frame work with independent platforms for self parking and retrieval.

Maximum your parking capacity for existing or new parking areas.

Semi Automated Lift Sliding Parking System – Jersey City, NJ

The Fully Automated Parking System by ParkPlus provides automated Valet service by transporting vehicles to a designated parking single level or stacked positions.

The systems are flexible, reliable and include 24/7 video monitoring.

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Fully Automated Parking System – Brooklyn, NY