City and Fire Permitting

Handling the Legalities

DPSI is a leading industry specialist when handling the permitting process, from design to sign-off. The process begins by conducting a building code review for city Seismic, ADA, Fire, and Exit Path compliance. Ensuring your building adheres to code is crucial for budget maintenance and on time move-in.

Our team will create a floor plan drawing layout based on our building code analysis, and perform a breakdown of the customer commodities and lay out the areas for high pile storage. This process will ensure a safe working environment within the warehouse.

Once the drawings are finalized and approved by our clients, we handle all the city and/or county submissions.


Upon permit approval, the job site documentation will be delivered to your facility and inspections will be conducted with the city and/or county inspectors. After all legalities have been reviewed by the city, all complete documentation will be given to you for safe record keeping.

Our main priority is to help speed up the gruesome after-shell process, and ensure that all logistics and layout planning are up-to-code and deemed safe by inspectors.

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