"Think Inside the Box"

Since 1999, Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) has helped national and international distribution and manufacturing clients optimize space, reduce labor and improve energy efficiency.

By implementing our “Think Inside the Box” strategies, existing operations are transformed from obsolete to optimized space and labor-saving operations.

As a specialized design-build contractor, we manage all aspects of the after-shell process from lighting and storage systems to location labeling and warehouse peripherals.

DPSI’s network of manufacturing and subcontractor partners work in collaboration to provide the best and most cost-effective after shell solutions.

Design Build Services

Concept to Completion

Using state-of-the-art Warehouse Slotting and Simulation tools, our design and engineering teams develop the most optimum storage and energy saving solutions customized specifically for each unique facility.

The result is to take the guess work out of the design process.

Tenant Improvement Services

Warehouse Fixtures and Services

1501 W. Wardlow Rd. in Long Beach is a 30,370 square foot commercial property going for 65 cents per square feet. 

///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: lbr.marketplace.1116-11/11/14-KYUSUNG GONG, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER – 1501 W. Wardlow Rd. in Long Beach is a 30,370 square foot commercial
property going for 65 cents per square feet. With container volume at the Port of
Long Beach picking up and the economy looking up the city has become even
more coveted for precious industrial space. Vacancy rates around the port
area are down to 2.5 percent while lease prices have been on the rise. The
Wardlow property is the former site of American Circulation Innovations.
It’s the likey spot of a new warehouse operation.

Congratulations on your new facility lease or purchase, now the real work begins!

Lighting, storage systems, dock equipment, floor striping, signage, location labels, charging areas and office upgrades are all needed to go live.  DPSI specializes in turnkey TI management.

Warehouse Optimization

Improve Productivity and Safety

DPSI provides a wide spectrum of warehouse optimization services for new and existing facilities.

Each warehouse challenge is different so we take great care in providing a customized solution for every facility and then proceed to final implementation.

High Density Storage

Do More In Less Space


Today’s space is more precious than ever and companies are in constant need to solve storage capacity issues.

High density storage solutions such as Pallet Shuttle and GlideRack, offer excellent alternatives to conventional forklift based static aisle designs.

Ergonomic Solutions

GlideRack Mobile Racking

Pallet Shuttle Deep Lane Storage